WEESTA Air Fryer Toaster Oven – 5-In-1 Convection Oven with Air Fry, Roast, Toast, Broil & Bake


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1. WEESTA 5-IN-1 Air Fryer Oven Air Frying, Air Roasting, Toasting, Broiling and Baking. This Toaster Oven satisfy all your needs which is able to cook a 6 lbs. whole chicken, a 9-inch pizza, 1 lb. frozen fries, 2 lbs. chicken wings, 4 slices of bread,roast vegetables, dehydrate jerky, Fruits and much more2. Large capacity convection oven Tank Size 19 QT – 11.4 (Width) * 10.2 (Depth) * 9.8 (Height) inches.With the WEESTA Air Fry Oven you can also get 1 Oven Rack, 1 Baking Pan, 1 Air Fryer Basket, 1 Oven Gripperand, 1 Crumb Tray (pre-installed).3. What A Time Saver! Your dinner will be ready 50% faster than using the conventional oven without heating up the whole kitchen.No Flipping.4. No Preheating WEESTA Air fryer toaster oven applies Cubic Hot Wind Circulation Technology. You don't need to flip your food or toss the air fry basket in the middle of cooking.WEESTA air fryer toaster oven is able to make your food's texture and taste just like deep fried but with 85% less oil. Yummy, but no guilty!5. Pre-installed Crumb Tray The crumb tray is pre-installed in the drawer-like part under the oven and fixed by tapes to prevent accidental falling and damage during transportation.