Ventray Masticating Juicer, Professional Slow Press Juicer Machine – Black


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Minimal Oxidation

1. Slow spinning rate of speed lead to less exposure to oxygen during the juicing process
2. Slow speed of 65 RPM, 240W AC induction motor
3. Sealed juicing container prevents oxidation

Big Feeding Mouth/ Wide Chute/ 3' Feeding Tube

1. Reduce fruit preparation time
2. Accommodate larger produce
3. Resistance to clogging during continuous juicing
4. Reduce clean up time

More Nutrients, better value

1. Fresh juice in minutes allows your body absorb 4 times more nutrition
2. Uncut fruit squeeze small whole fruit at once, maximize juice yield
3. Drip free smart cap leaves a clean countertop, easier cleanup
4. Sleep design, modern innovative look


1.Please note it is very important to choose the freshest ingredients for best juicing result; Overripe fruits are not ideal for juicing
2.Ingredients that are too soft are difficult to juice i.e. banana
3.During juicing process when clogging happens, simply press REV (reverse rotation) for a few seconds to unclog, than continue juicing
4.There will be heavy foam in vegetable juices and some pulp in fruit juices. Fine pulp are great source of nutrients.