Ventray Cold Press Juicer, Professional Slow Press Juicer – Black


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Angled for Easier Juicing Our Ventray 408 cold press juicer comes with an angled feeding tube. The design of this feeding tube allows for fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients to slide into the juicing bowl easier and allows for an easier juicing process. Pusher Aids with Difficult Foods This juicer comes with a pusher to help difficult foods entering the juice bowl and getting crushed by the auger. Separate Pulp from Juice The juicing bowl is the place where the crushing and pressing occurs. The bowl is designed to separate the pulp from the juice for a clear pulp-free juicing experience. Before placing the bowl on the base, plug in the rubber stopper to have the pulp removed from the juice. Corkscrew Auger Our corkscrew auger is built tough to crush the hardest produce and extract the most juice from your fruits and vegetables. Our auger is tough enough to grind nuts and high fiber product. Clear Smooth Tasty Juice The strainer for our juicer is efficient in removing seeds and solid parts from the juice. Meaning you get to enjoy fresh juice without distractions. A Healthy Lifestyle Starts Here Make Ventray's juicer a daily part of your life and enjoy freshly made juice. Inject a boost of health living by drinking all natural no added preservative juice to your diet now.