MegaChef Nonstick Crepe and Pancake Maker Breakfast Griddle


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Making crepes and pancakes at home has never been easier with the The MegaChef Crepe and Pancake Maker Breakfast Griddle. Unlike conventional pans, the large 12 inch hot non-stick coating plate open canvas allows for easy flipping and molding of your desserts. Simply pour in the batter, spread the batter with the provided batter trowel, and when it's time to flip use the provided dessert spatula for easy and convenient maneuvering. The 3 piece at-home kit includes a large hot plate, a wooden batter trowel, and a small spatula. The hot plate comes equipped with a wide range of temperatures with its low temperature range (0 – Min) at 110??C (230??F) ?? 20??C (68??F) to its high temperature range (Min – Max) at 210??C (410??F) ?? 20??C (68??F).

Item Dimensions 12.00″ x 3.00″ x 12.00″
Item Weight 3.55lbs