KOVOT Natural Bamboo Pasta Drying Rack – Noodle Spaghetti Dryer Stand – Fresh Pasta hanger – Pasta drying Tree- 17″ Tall, 18″ Wide


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  • AIR-DRY HOMEMADE PASTA Our Bamboo Pasta drying rack is a handy kitchen accessory that is used to air dry fresh pasta. The pasta drying rack is suitable for all kinds of Spaghetti, Noodles, Tagliatelle, Lasagna sheets, Fettuccine, Vermicelli, Linguine, Bigoli, Bavette, or any pasta.
  • MAKE FRESH PASTA ANYTIME The Bamboo drying rack helps you make fresh pasta anytime; the drying rack makes it easy for you to hang the pasta strands. Hanging pasta strands on a drying rack makes your pasta even, and smooth, and makes it easy to cook.
  • STURDY WOODEN BUILT The Bamboo Pasta drying rack is made with 100% Natural Bamboo, the Bamboo structure of the pasta rack gives it a stable structure and makes it easy for you to hang the pasta strands. The base of the pasta drying rack is 8×8 inches which holds the structure solid and balanced.
  • LARGE CAPACITY The pasta drying hanging rack has 8 drying arms, which are made with strong sturdy Bamboo rods. The Bamboo pasta drying rack is a 17” tall structure which allows you to hang long pasta strands. The branches of the pasta rack give you wide space to hang pasta and provide ample space to let them air dry.
  • EFFORTLESSLY HOLDS LONG STRANDS The pasta drying rack by KOVOT is a long pasta hanger, it’s a compact structure kitchen pasta accessory to avoid any lumpiness or unevenness in your freshly made noodles. The Bamboo material is a naturally non-stick material which also adds to the efficiency of the pasta drying rack.
  • INCLUDES (1) Easy to assemble Bamboo Drying Rack – 17″ high, (4) Long Branches That when assembled are turned into (8) Branches – 9″ long