Infinity Merch Home 1500W 4 Slice Toaster


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* Compatible With Internal dimensions 35 ?? 24?? 2.5cm (13.7 ?? 9.4 ?? 0.9 inch). Compatible with most 14 inch laptops. * Strong Protection A protective strip at the opening prevents the zipper from scratching your laptop. Cotton-padded cushion on the sides protects the four corners of your laptop. The thick soft flannel inside makes the sleeve scratch-resistant, dust-proof and shock-proof. * Accessory Compartment There's a zipped bag on the front which can facilitate storage of small items like keys, cables, cards, papers, and mouse. The accessory bag is in the sleeve. * Selected Material The laptop case is made of optimum polyester fibre, and lined with soft flannelette inside. You can count on its durability. * Simplistic Design The laptop case is carefully stitched and layered. Featuring a minimalist look, the protective case fits all kinds of environments like streets, school, offices, and home. You can always find it a great companion!