Deik Electric Griddle, 20 inch Smokeless Coated Griddle Pan, 2 in 1 Nonstick Pancake Griddle with Adjustable Temperature, Family Size, 1600W


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* 2 In 1 Electric Griddle 11*20 inch family-size surface can comfortably serve 4-6 people. Deik Electric griddle makes pancakes, eggs and meats without the need for multiple pots/pans. It can be used for any meal. * Nonstick Cooking Nonstick coating and smooth surface for easy cooking and cleaning. * Our electric griddle is your MUST-HAVE for the smaller kitchen. * 5-Level Temperature Control This electric grill can adjust surface temperature precisely. Simply plug it in and set the heat probe to your desired temperature. It heats up in mere minutes, saving you time and energy. * Portable and Easy Cleaning This indoor grill is more convenient to collect food residue and does not need to be replaced frequently. Removable grease tray for easy and quick cleaning. * Grill Pan Cleaning Tips Please unplug before cleaning the griddle pan. Place the grill pan in your sink and rinse away any large pieces of food. Next, fill the pan with about half an inch of water and a few drops of mild dish soap.