Lela Buttery is a chef

As children, we aspire to be something that we put on a pedestal as being really great.
But we all are great within ourselves. We don’t have to swim upstream to make ourselves anything other than we’re meant to be

To be a chef, you must love food.

You must understand food. Where it comes from, how it’s grown, and what it does to your body. What people eat is their diet.

And their diet is, quite literally, ‘a way of life’. As a chef, Lela educates. She wants people to think about what they’re going to eat. 

Cooking is a lifestyle,” she says,
“If you’re going to change your diet, you’re going to change your lifestyle.”

Cooking? Her grandmother cooked. Really cooked.

Home made fresh foods from roti and curries to warm sponge cake. Cooking for a large family takes a lot of time and a lot of love. Lela Buttery’s love of food was born in that kitchen, from her grandmother’s hand to her family table. She did not have to aspire to be a chef; she was always a chef.

Another Kind of Sunrise

A hidden gem on Abbot Kinney

Lela Buttery made a deal. There was a cart. It was a cereal bar. It was on Abbot Kinney. And Lela saw a challenge. Lela Buttery bought the cart.

She sourced the food from trusted farmers. She reinvented the menu to offer Venice locals what they crave: clean, organic, healthy foods. Lela Buttery created Buttery Brew.

Another Kind of Sunrise flourished. AKOS, as the locals fondly say, is one of the best food options on Abbot Kinney. It’s different, it’s unique, it’s Lela Buttery.

another kind of sunrise logo

Make sure to visit Another Kind of Sunrise
and drink the famous Buttery Brew.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes with Lela are personal and unique

Each student will learn how to make an entire meal from fresh, raw, ingredients.

They’ll even have enough left over to take home and enjoy once they’ve eaten their fresh cooked meal.

Lela started teaching how to cook in the most organic method possible. She just started helping her friends.

When the quirky girl shows up in college with batches of delicious containers of food, people want to know how it happened. Where did you buy it, Lela? How did that food appear, Lela?

She was amused. She made it, she told them. She made it? From scratch? And Lela’s teaching career began.

“It’s really important to know how to cook food. It’s a lost art.”

Modern times have stripped more and more people of the awareness of learning how to cook. Between jobs, social lives, and life, humans have lost the skill of sustaining themselves. This is a damnable shame, as Lela puts it.

“Cooking means you care about what goes into your body. And that’s love. Loving yourself first, loving your partner, and loving your family.”

Lela teaches cooking classes when enough people want to learn.

Interested in cooking classes with Lela? Get in touch.

Lela Buttery is a Private Chef

This is something I’ve been doing my whole life.
Get right in and start cooking. I just took on that role.
Am I a private chef? I guess that’s what a private chef is

Lela’s had an interesting life. Working as a private chef for athletes was just a part of that.

She was a nutrition chef for people who required a diet solely as a means of sustenance. Food for fuel. That never ignited Lela’s passion, and she moved on to cooking she truly loved.

Lela specializes in Farm to Table dinners.

Local farmers contacted Lela. They had just slaughtered a lamb.
They had organ meats, fresh pumpkins, fresh squash.
Could she make something? Absolutely.

These were creative challenges for Lela.

She had the freedom to create any masterpiece she wanted with whatever fresh farm food was available to her.

“It’s fun in the kitchen, it’s fun to eat, it’s fun to share.”

Farm to table eating is a stronghold of Lela’s philosophy.

“I really like to savor my food. It’s really important to know where your food comes from.”

As a biologist and a chef, Lela believes that eating food that contributes to a healthy ecosystem is a vital part of living in a cohesive habitat.

If you’re interested in hiring Lela as a private chefGet in touch.

…Lela Buttery is a teacher