Lela Buttery is a scientist

She has always been a scientist. “I want to know,” she says

Lela wants to know how things work, how things connect.

And that is what a scientist by definition does.

Biology is the study of all living things, and so much of the planet is alive. Understanding complex ecosystems and the coexistence of multiple habitats allows Lela to have deep and comprehensive knowledge about agriculture, marine culture, and how our actions as humans affect the world around us.

From years in the medical field to diverse agricultural and marine training, Lela has experienced a broad spectrum of science in our everyday lives.

As someone who grew up aspiring towards a career, Lela believed her nurturing nature’s purpose was for medicine. She worked as nurse tech, lab tech, phlebotomist, and physician’s assistant. Years of her life were spent in a hospital.

During Cornell’s Physican Assistant program, Lela reached a turning point. “We were asking all the wrong questions,” she says.

“Medicine [was] fixing people’s symptoms, and not the problem. By fixing the symptom and not the problem we cause more problems.”

Lela went back to school for environmental science to make a difference in the world. She worked in the department of agriculture and saw the system of corporate bureaucracy that encircled our food. Lela got out.

She wrote a book about her beliefs on food culture, food ecosystems, and the science and biology behind why we need to eat right.

Being a biologist permeates everything Lela does.

It is the root of her curiosity, the reason for her education, and the source of her inspiration to keep learning and keep teaching.

We Can Do Butter

People kept asking Lela if all the information she would speak about was written down somewhere.  So she wrote it down.

Whether at a Farmer’s Market or on the streets of Santa Monica, Lela would have conversations with people about food, agriculture, and sustainable farming. People didn’t know where their food came from and how it affected their environment.

We Can Do Butter emerged as a quintessential post modern kitchen manual for regular people.

Five years after she started writing, Lela found an editor and had her thoughts composed into a beautiful book of answers. This manual gave people who didn’t grow up in farmer’s markets and never sourced their food before instructions on how to adopt the clean food lifestyle. More importantly, We Can Do Butter informed people why eating from a local farmer is so important, and how to incorporate this new lifestyle into their current busy lives.

Author Lela Buttery has a timely message:

Take control of your food by being your own food scientist and personal chef. This book tells you why to avoid GMOs and commercially processed foods in no uncertain terms, replacing marketing hype with basic biology and simple recipes for living a ‘Do Butter’ lifestyle.

Read more about We Can Do Butter.

…Lela Buttery is a chef