Lela Buttery is an adventurer

Lela Buttery ran a Pirate Haus.
Lela Buttery explores underwater ecosystems.
Lela Buttery is an international guide

A Pirate House?
Something like that.

At nineteen years young, Lela ran a bed and breakfast called the Pirate Haus in St. Augustine, FL, the nation’s oldest city. She learned the meaning of life there, or a meaning in any case. People from every walk of life came and went from the Pirate Haus.

“Imagine learning every book you can read around the world just by meeting people around the world.”

Lela loved the camaraderie she shared with these strangers, though not strangers at all. Friends, people, like her, like you, like me. People whom she talked to, whose stories were shared. Instead of focusing on their differences, this is where people focused on the 99.9% of commonality they shared. Adventure.

Scuba Diving

Lela started open water scuba diving as a marine scientist

She couldn’t get enough. After years of experience she was hired as a dive safety officer and moved to California.

Lela passed the first and most rigorous scuba training program, the Los Angeles County instructor program. She began giving lessons at Scuba Haus in Santa Monica and still does that today.

“The beauty of scuba diving is finding the strength to have faith in yourself, in your gear, and go through an entirely new experience. Scuba is a place where people believe in themselves.”

You’re in your own head when you scuba dive. You have to be at peace with yourself and a lot of people get through serious emotional blocks when they go underwater.

Lela has certified over 400 students in her Scuba instructor career and has helped many people through those deeper personal emotions.

The open ocean is the home of so many ecosystems that scuba diving allows us to access.

In Catalina, you have the kelp forests. In Florida, there are coral reefs. In these small habitats, you find entire communities.

Fish stop at cleaning stations where shrimp rid them of parasites. They have their own residences. Even predators hang around the community when they aren’t hunting. Scuba diving gives you access to a world of water that covers 70% of our planet.

Water is a huge part of Lela’s life.

To dive with Lela, contact Scuba Haus for her next class.

Private Guide

When Lela travels, she ditches the tourist strategy and lives in her location like a local

To be comfortable in a new habitat, you require a few non negotiable things. Food, shelter, and community. First, you find shelter. The best is a local quirky bed and breakfast or someone’s own home at AirBnB.

Next, you need food. Lela goes to local farmer’s markets or finds farm to table restaurants. When you go to community gatherings like these, you find people you connect with. This is how you interact.

Within one day, you have created a friendly habitat for yourself in a new and strange location.

This is the magic.

Lela has befriended local farmers in the Hawaiian islands. After a few phone calls, her journey to paradise is completely ready, from locally sourced food to a ready kitchen, she has her trip planned.

She has even worked as a private guide for those who want to live this experience and learn it from the expert.

Contact Lela about being your International Private Guide


Experience the magic of Venice like a local

Lela Buttery has a dream of owning her own bed and breakfast one day.

To provide once more to passersby the secrets of their visited location. To share with them the land, the food, the people, and the culture. In return, to learn from them and enrich her own life with tales of distant lands.

Luckily for us in Venice, Lela has her own AirBnB she runs like her vision of a bed and breakfast.

Lela’s temporary tenants have the luxury of experiencing her knowledge of Venice as well as the hospitality of her own home, food from her kitchen, and the best location in the city.

For Food

Another Kind of Sunrise

Her own cart on Abbot Kinney is a perfect way to start off the morning.

Tasting Kitchen

The best cocktails in town. They treat you well. As a person who cooks every day, you want to eat an amazing meal without a pretentious attitude. Appreciate it. Spendy but worth it.


Always sit outside. Love the ambience of the place. You pay for the experience, but you know what you’re putting in your body.

After eating, make your way to Windward Circle

Hotel Erwin

This rooftop bar gives you a breathtaking view of Catalina, Palos Verdes, to Point Dume. Sunset here is perfect.

Townhouse and Del Monte speakeasy

An old school restaurant bar with a hidden downstairs speakeasy from the time of Prohibition.

Famous Venice Beach boardwalk

Stroll or bike down the boardwalk. Stop by the freakshow, last remaining show of its kind and a piece of history.

Rent a bike and go down to Washington


For a great burger. This is Jim Morrison’s bar. Along with him, many famous artists like the Doors originally sang here.

Casa Ado

Has great meals, but it’s not as expensive or fancy. You can have an amazing meal, but not feel like you had to break the bank or dress up.

Venice Canals

They’re magical at night. Very special, even spiritual. Originally created by Abbot Kinney to be like Venice, Italy.

Contact Lela about being your local guide to Venice.

…Lela Buttery is a biologist